Precious Metal Products Division

Noble Metals

I have worked with JT Fabrications for the last 12 years and have presented them with several challenging installations, both from an access and an installation point of view.

Design challenges have always been met head on, up to and including the involvement of external professional services to satisfy complex design criteria.

From relatively simple stainless steel fabricated worktops, through to structural amendments to the Factory Building, Cat Ladders and Staircases, no job has been thought of as either too big or too small.

High level access to Factory gas & electrical services has now been made achievable utilizing a system of walkways, cat ladders and steps, enabling routine maintenance tasks to be performed with minimal disruption to surrounding production areas.

Installed in sections over a two week period, each component part was carefully lifted into position, aligned, levelled and suspended from existing structural steelwork in accordance with proof calculations.

All works were performed with “live” services, with particular attention being paid to Health & Safety.

 JT Fabrications always ensure that sufficient equipment is provided to perform each task successfully and safely and have an excellent regime for inspection of mechanical and electrical items.

 Overall, a polite and friendly workforce, willing to adhere to Company standards and I would not hesitate to recommend them for projects either large or small.

Mark Wall – JMNM Senior Engineer