Health And Safety



JT Fabrications (Leics) Limited is committed to conducting its business in a socially responsible manner, ensuring the protection of our employees, stakeholders, customers and the environment. Occupational health and safety is the highest priority for JT Fabrications (Leics) Limited and is integrated into all workplace activities and business decisions.

We believe that all accidents should be preventable and that we must all strive to continuously to improve our health and safety performance

Our approach to managing health and safety is structured and risk based. We aim to create a safe working environment by identifying risks, adopting good practise and ensuring that safe systems of work are in place across all business activities.

The directors shall be accountable for compliance with all applicable legal requirements and will provide the leadership, training and resources both in terms of personnel and financial, to implement this policy. All employees shall be accountable for performing their jobs in accordance with our established procedures, our work philosophy and regulatory requirements.

All employees share the responsibility to maintain safe working conditions and protect the environment. Both innovative and sound environmental / safety considerations shall be incorporated into our practices, processes and equipment decisions.

JT Fabrications (Leics) Limited is committed to constant improvement in safety performance throughout. Review of this Policy will occur at least annually. The cooperation and involvement of all are essential for the ongoing implementation of this policy.